Iron Maidens have been providing commercial laundry services to hotels in Staffordshire for 6 years to a wide range of clients

Our team are experienced, professional and well equipped for every day to unusual tasks, so you can rest assured when you choose Iron Maidens Commercial Laundry you will receive an excellent laundry service.

Aroma TherapyHire service available for Spas, Health Clubs and Gyms

Iron Maidens offers a range of laundry services for spas, health clubs and gyms. These include:

  • bath sheets
  • bath towels
  • hand towels
  • face cloths
  • bath robes
We pride ourselves on our high quality laundry service so we use dedicated stock to suit all your needs and offer a supremely timely and reliable delivery service to all Staffordshire businesses. To maintain that fresh, fluffy and absorbent feel your customers like and expect we use quality detergents and conditioners that are also environmentally friendly.

Our towel and bath linen laundry service is available to hotels, heath spas, gyms and sports clubs, beauty salons, saunas … we collect your used bath linen and return it freshly laundered and folded.

We pride ourselves with excellent customer service

As our dedicated team have many years experience in the laundry services we care about our excellent reputation.

We offer FREE Delivery and Collection

We will collect and deliver free of charge on a pre selected day agreed with yourselves.

Our Aim?

  • To provide an outstanding laundry service
  • To deliver your linen crisp, clean and beautifully laundered
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Just relax and let us do all the work

It’s simple. We lighten your load, we take care of everything, and if it can be laundered we are the team you need!

Contact us

If you’d like to discuss your specific requirements and find out more about us please call Sharon Bridgett on 01782 633765.